Action Trueing Fixture Indicating Action
Fixture is used to dial in and machine receiver Receiver is being indicated with a properly fitting mandrel. The mandrel is indicated at two points.0001 on both indicators. This set up assures the receiver is not turning in a conenal.
Chasing Threads Chasing Threads Internal Look
Chasing threads before cutting starts After the threads have been recut they are now running true with bolt bore raceway.
Facing Internal Lugs Internal Lugs
Receiver is now ready to machine internal abutments. Internal receiver lugs after machining.
Facing Receiver Pinned Recoil Lug
Receiver face is ready to be machined. Receiver is machined to pin recoil lug.
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The terms action truing and squaring are the same. Some call it blueprinting. It all means the same thing. It is the process of bringing everything in alignment with the bolt bore raceway. The action threads are the single point cut to bring them in alignment with the bolt bore raceway. The locking lug recesses and the receiver face is machined so they will be perfectly perpendicular to the center line of the action. The bolt is indicated and machined so all surfaces are perpendicular to the actions mating surfaces. The bolt face is machined so it is concentric and 90 degrees to the bolt raceway. The bolt nose is lightly machined just to true it up as it is just a clearance cut. The recoil lug is surface ground or replaced with a new one. The heart of every accurate rifle starts with an accurately machined action. We recommend replacing your barrel when having your action trued. During the truing process the action threads are recut, therefore your old barrel will no longer fit. Without cutting off the old threads, rethreading and chambering of the old barrel will be required. It is money well spent to invest in a new match quality barrel rather than machining the old one. You will be glad that you did. Action truing alone does not guarantee small groups, as it is only one of the many factors that go into building a consistently accurate rifle.