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Pillar bedding benchrest or hunting stock from: $200
Lap bolt Lugs $45

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The primary concern of all serious hunters and target shooters is accuracy. There are a lot of factors that go into a rifle to shoot accurately. Action, stock bedding, match quality barrel, trigger, top quality optics, bullets that are capable of producing small groups, and a shooter that has the ability to read the conditions that lead to that small group. Each component is as equally important. Take any component out of the equation, and accuracy will suffer. It is a combination of many components working together, not just one that produces an accurate rifle. That is where an experienced Rifle Smith can help you with your decisions in building your next rifle. We build every rifle as if it was our own. Using benchrest action truing and chambering techniques to proven stress free pillar bedding stocks. If we can help you with you next project whether it is a hunting, long range varmint, or target rifle, just give us a call. As of 2008, we will only build rifles using Remington Model 700 and Benchrest Quality Custom Actions.